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After 25 years, this will be the last year Cohn Stone will produce their signature glass pumpkins. If you have always wanted one, this is the year to chose. And if you have a specific color in mind and we don’t have it in stock, we would be happy to contact the studio to special order one for you.
As artists ourselves, Katie and I understand the need to pursue new avenues. There is a certain amount of production in what they do, but they are artists first and the need to find new paths is compelling. The studio is planning to introduce more one of a kind pieces and do other work as well.
We will anxiously await their new work!




New Artist in Gallery

Kinetic Artist, R. Bruce Salinger is our newest addition to our family of American Craft Artists.  Bruce is a master kinetic clock maker and his clock, which you can find in our front window, it is titled, “Big Bong”.  It lives up to it’s name, at the top of each hour this clock’s hammer will strike once with a ringing “bong”.  Within the clock there are little characters that are moving the gears as if they are the reason this clock is working. It is a fabulous clock!




Motawi Tileworks • Charley Harper Designs

We were fortunate enough to be featured in a recent article in the Orange County Register on the new tile designs byMotawi Tileworks of famed mid-century artist Charley Harper.


Orange Community HistoricalSociety (OCHS) Afghan

are available for purchase here at the gallery.

We have a personal connection to the OCHS afghan, watercolorist Judy Schroeder is the one who designed this afghan.  Each image on the afghan has a special meaning to Orange.  When you purchase the afghan, you receive a little booklet that describes and explains why each image was added. Special courtesy to Phil Brigandi for the historical information that he so graciously contributed to this booklet.

All proceeds benefit OCHS.

Watercolor painting by Judy Schroeder

Judy Schroeder’s Watercolor Blog

If you are interested in watercolor, the process of painting and musings on the same,  please visit Judy Schroeder’s blog site titled, “Watercolor Musings”.  Judy posts images of paintings and writes about all sorts of art related things, even landing on an occasional soapbox! Feel free to comment or ask questions on the site.  Here is the link:



In 1998, artist Judy Schroeder opened Schroeder Studio Gallery and her daughter Katie joined her 2 years later. Both owners present their own work as well as representing over an additional 100 artists from across the country. Artist receptions, watercolor workshops and educational events are held on a regular basis. To be informed of these, please join the email list. To do so, see the top right corner of this page.