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Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Whenever I’m off on a painting trip, I gather books, pamphlets, newspapers, tickets, etc. Mostly, these questionable “treasures” stay in a folder. With this technique, however, all those bits and oddments have a purpose and a place to be.

The surface is drawn upon, collaged with various papers, painted with watercolors, gessoed, re-drawn upon, re-collaged with papers relating to the subject, painted with gouache and again with watercolors, over and over again until the image is pleasing to the artist.

The upper image is of Bibury, Cotswolds, England. It was the home of wool weavers long ago and is rumored to be the most photographed spot in England. I love the way the houses hug the hill, each reflecting the lovely golden Cotswold stone. The lower 2/3rds is composed of all the aforementioned gatherings from my trip. There are doilies, photographs, words from newspapers, written  words and fascinating words from signage.

Signs at Restaurants:
Fish & Chips
Mushy Peas
Bread & Butter
And a Pot of Tea
OAP Special (Old Age Pensioner)
On the Roadside:
Well-Rotted Manure
The Brits are mad for gardening!

A Prayer Found in Tewesbury Abbey
Prayers for the Departed:
Show Us, Good Lord
The peace we should seek,
The peace we must give,
The peace we can keep,
The peace we must forgo,
And the peace you have given us in Jesus Our Lord. Amen 

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  1. Margaret
    August 25, 2010

    ….and we have a wonderful opportunity to collect some things next week, don't we!! Sure am looking forward to it!


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