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Final Step – Integrated Collage

Formerly Known As Dietrichs by Judy Schroeder

The final step for this piece was somewhat going back to the beginning. I didn’t like the foreground so I re-collaged that part. This opportunity is what makes collage so appealing. Don’t like something? Just collage again and re-do! The foreground was repainted and then I added detail to the buildings, put in shadows, added people, toned down windows, etc. This is a good example of making the whites more special by eliminating most of them. Hard to do sometimes when we are admonished, “Save your whites!” I firmly believe that every painting”rule” should be intentionally broken at least once.

I haven’t done one of these integrated collages for a couple of years and writing this blog has me interested to do more. I find that working in multiple ways (watercolor, watercolor and ink, stained collage, integrated collage) helps everything in painting. I don’t want to do the same painting over and over – it would bore me and if I’m bored I’m sure it is obvious to viewers.

Have fun! If you try this method, please send back a note. I’d love to see results!

Note: You can see by the title that I’m not a fan of Starbucks taking two spots in our plaza. They already were part of a remodel of a beautiful bank building and then pushed out a small local coffee shop. Sometimes progress isn’t!

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