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Going a bit crazy…

Keeping a sketchbook can be an exercise in drill, practice, and serious endeavor but I’d rather find odd bits of information, record unusual conversations and do sketches that would never find their way into paintings. Doing a watercolor sketch for the sheer fun of it is very entertaining.

Prague Market

The street market in Prague was full of so much subject matter that it was hard to light on one spot. While I drew this we were visited by a small child who chattered happily at our feet and checked up on our work from time to time. This is a pretty close approximation to the scene.

Prague is full of wonderful towers, church steeples and other structures that push their way into the sky. We had seen a local artist’s work which exaggerated these tall elements with a good deal of whimsy. One day we declared “Wonky Day.” No vertical lines…every one had to be organic and lean and sway.

Wonky Prague in Bright Colors

Now this was fun! The architecture was stretched and bowed and the colors pushed into all sorts of brights. We did get some quizzical stares from the local folks.

I have found since that the multitude of towers is necessary for the most success. I tried it on one of the California Missions and I didn’t like the results nearly as much. So…if you find yourself with pinnacles aplenty, go wonky!

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