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Integrated Collage

A few years ago I began to play with the combination of watercolor, ink and collage. It all began because I needed an additional lesson when I was teaching a workshop over several days. After exploring the attributes of ink alone and ink with watercolor, I introduced the element of stained rice paper collaged to the paper as a first step. I don’t try to visualize any particular subject matter at this point since it would tend to influence me.

I want to only be aware of the shapes – both the collaged areas as well as the white paper. The line drawing is next and I locate the subject matter watching the areas when it overlaps the colored rice paper. I find that I work better having an abstract design to work on for the drawing. I’ve done it the other way where the drawing is done in permanent ink prior to the collaged papers. I just don’t like the results of those attempts but that’s just me. You have to try different approaches to find which one works for you.

Tomorrow I will post step #2.

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