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Keeler Jumble

On the last day of a 4-day workshop in the Lone Pine area, I did this quick ink and watercolor sketch of tiny Keeler. I worked in a bound sketchbook full of handmade paper, one of my favorites since I love the way the paper takes watercolor in these books.
The ramshackle scene is adjacent to the Keeler Schoolhouse which is close to the talc mill, once the lifeblood of this place. It now looks near to ghost town status but there are many hardy folks who like living in such a remote area, away for the hustle and bustle. It’s a lovely place for interesting shapes, varied textures and unique architecture.
I remember vividly the advice of Betty Lynch, a fine painter I met in a Robert E. Wood workshop many years ago. She urged me to work in pen in my sketchbooks, not pencil. The reason? So that the work would be permanent (pencil lines smudge over time) and so that I would be even more careful when I put down a line. You look carefully when you know the line cannot be erased.

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  1. renaissancerules
    July 15, 2010

    Wonderful sketch, Judy. Most people just "drive by" Keeler and many other places that are intriguing and hint of inspiration! Your last line is priceless wisdom- "You look carefully when you know the line cannot be erased" – and applies as well to writing and even speaking as so much is recorded. Yet, the "inked line" can be placed with confidence with practice, determination and integrity!
    Thank you!


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