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No Excuses Travel Set – Part II

In an earlier blog, I described the small palette made of an altoids tin and empty palette pans filled by colors of my choice. Recently I was showing some students the wee set when one of them (Thanks, Bill!) took the cap from his water bottle and put it in the tin. Eureka! Six caps fit perfectly in the 2 3/8″x 2 3/4″ size. I first taped them to the bottom but magnetic tape, sticky on one side, works a treat.

I had been looking for a way to help my beginning students make a color wheel successfully. Their travel kits, purchased for the class, had two reds, but one was warm and the other cool. Not adequate for the task. This tiny palette with the 3 primary colors and 3 secondary colors was the solution to my dilemma. I can keep the tins full for each class and save my students from an additional expense. I tested the colors and made a color wheel from them and am satisfied with the results. 

The tiniest altoid tins, 1/1/2’x 2 1/4″, were given to me by another student. (Thanks, Debbie!) Two caps fit perfectly and if they are the larger ones, they fit so snugly there is no need for stickum. The caps I’ve collected come in two sizes. One is smaller in diameter and shallower than the other. The variety of caps fit in the different sizes of tins.

In the sample above, I used ultramarine blue and quinacridone burnt orange – actually 2/3 of the California Watercolor School’s favorite triad – burnt sienna, ultramarine blue and yellow ochre.  The two colors are plenty giving me a warm, a cool and a gray when mixed together. The drawing was done with a Marvy Le Plume pen and I could have made it more travel-friendly if I’d used a water brush. Interestingly, today is Earth Day but that is not the motive for my collection, albeit a good one. I want to have the right tools for what I want to do and I confess to having an addiction to palettes.

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  1. Monica
    April 23, 2011

    Hi Judy, Monica here. I love your work, as always. It is beautiful. All my art stuff is packed up. I need to follow your paints in a box method and will do this ASAP. I was on a plane thinking of my venue — using the air vent to blow dry my paints. I need more incentive to do so and you've inspired me! Love to all, Miss you and Kater-bug! I am coming to CA in May. I will let you know! Love, Monica

    PS your work is FABULOUS!!!!!!


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