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Provencal Pumpkins – Mixed Media Stained Collage

I love working with a combination of materials. Stained paper collage is an exciting way to work in the studio. Watercolor-stained rice paper is affixed to a sturdy ground (I use 300# watercolor paper) with matte medium or a mixture of white glue and water. The whole surface is covered with the rice paper. Some of the drawing shows through but you can’t count on that. Too much medium or glue will make it difficult to paint watercolor on top.
After the first step is thoroughly dry, the painting is finished with both watercolor and white gouache. The final version is pulled together by the painting process and is enhanced by the wonderful colors and texture provided by the collage beneath. In this one, I was slightly worried that I’d made a hash of the first step. It was so “clunky” compared to what I had in mind.        
If the painting looks familiar, it was in an earlier post about paper surface. In that post, only the final version was shown so I thought that the beginning might be interesting for others to see. The size here is about 6″ square so I like to work on several at once.  They can be done in any size but this small image with a larger mat is jewel-like when framed.

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