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Reflections for Dessert

Reflections on two types of glass – transparent and opaque


What an assignment! The two glass objects gave me a good opportunity to paint shiny surfaces in both clear and opaque glass. We had gotten several small desserts at the Farmer’s Market for a tasting treat. While my husband and daughter went off to fetch dinner, those desserts became subject matter.

When looking for shapes in reflective surfaces, plan on painting around the lights in an opaque object and paint the shadowy shapes on the clear one. Squinting your eyes helps the lights pop and they are easier to see. I drew with a small water soluble pen first, added watercolor to the to the cake within the dome. The shapes and reflections were painted after that.

Choosing appealing subject matter is easy if you open up your eyes to your everyday life. Sometimes the most common of subjects make the most emotionally powerful work…we are connected to those things.

So…consider this your assignment…go get some yummy desserts and paint them…and then test them!

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  1. Ink and Aquarelle
    February 3, 2012

    Thank you for sharing these tips. Your painting is luscious. I spent the morning on some slow observational drawing of everyday objects on my table. I have so much to practice: perspective & foreshortening & value at the moment, not to mention reflective surfaces!!


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